Integrated Autism Care and Family Support

Soar Autism Center’s mission is to reinvent the autism therapy experience for children and families. 


We created Soar Autism Center to expand access to effective, compassionate autism therapy that places the child and family at the center. We leverage our combined backgrounds in health care, autism therapy, innovation, and education to create a nurturing environment for children to grow and develop.


Soar offers access to a unique, leading autism therapy based on the Early Start Denver Model, which is shown to improve outcomes for children with autism. With an approach backed by the most trusted science and an experienced team of child development specialists, Soar’s integrated autism programs coordinate all of your child’s therapy and treatment needs under one roof.


At Soar Autism Center, we deeply believe in the beauty, potential and strengths of all children with autism. We work as a coordinated team to deliver the best care for every child and build a foundation that sets children up to soar and thrive for the rest of their lives.

The Soar Autism Center experience goes beyond what you would expect from a typical provider.

Characteristics Soar Autism Center Typical Providers

Therapy focus



Provide naturalistic ABA as first option to all children, with therapists trained in the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)



Utilize DTT in their therapy delivery most often



Scope of work



Offer integrated, multi-disciplinary services all under one roof



Multidisciplinary services are not under one roof and coordination of care with other providers can be a struggle



Diagnostics services









Family Involvement



Prioritize caregiver partnership in developing treatment plan objectives and in treatment delivery.



May not happen as frequently.






Multidisciplinary care under one roof, provided in a naturalistic approach, focused on your child’s development and meeting his/her greatest potential



Therapy treatment is usually based on one type of treatment model/type, which can lead caregivers needing additional support from other providers.


Steps to Get Started

We know how challenging an autism diagnosis can be for a family. We want to hear your story and how we can help.

Our Founding Team

We were founded by a husband and wife team dedicated to reimagining the autism care experience for families. Our goal is to build the highest quality solution that we would want for our own children.

Ian Goldstein


Ian is a physician entrepreneur dedicated to building best-in-class clinical models. He has an MD/MPH degree from Tulane University, advanced training in care model innovation from Stanford and Harvard, and has worked for leading healthcare provider organizations across the US.

Jennifer Goldstein


Jen is a designer and education expert. She has a background in human-centered design, including serving as a Director at Stanford’s design school ( focused on human-centered innovation in education. She previously served in leadership and operational roles in several K12 public schools.

Join Soar Autism Center

Soar Autism Center is growing! We offer strong career and advancement opportunities in a wide variety of roles. We also offer competitive compensation at all levels and strong benefits to our full-time team members. If you are interested in learning more about our growing team, click below to see our open positions.

Our Core Values


    Every child deserves to soar.


    You’re in the right place.


    Trust isn’t given, it’s proven.


    Complexity calls for collaboration.


    Embrace a learner’s mindset.

  • FUN

    Fun is the ultimate teaching tool.

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