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Soar is an integrated, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based care provider for children with autism. We offer diagnostic services for children where there is a concern for autism, as well as integrated speech therapy, occupational therapy, and naturalistic forms of ABA (specifically the Early Start Denver Model) for children with autism. Our clinics operate as multi-disciplinary settings where clinicians coordinate care on a daily basis and partner with leading national and international experts in autism and healthcare delivery to provide the best possible clinical option for families.

Soar is best equipped to evaluate and serve two types of patients

  1. Children where there is concern for autism and who need a formal diagnostic assessment for ASD. (e.g., A toddler with a high-risk M-CHAT score that needs a diagnostic provider to administer an evidence-based assessment such as the ADOS-2)
  2. Children with a diagnosis of ASD and who might benefit from a comprehensive service offering (integrated speech therapy, OT, ABA therapy)

Refer a child to Soar Autism CenterĀ 

  1. Send an email to our HIPAA-compliant email address at
  2. Fax us a referral at (855) 913-2517. You can use your own internal referral forms, or fill out our attached referral form here
  3. Call us at 720-706-3396, option 1

Continuing Education

Soar offers low-cost online continuing education for psychologists, pediatricians, SLPs, OTs, and BCBAs. This one-hour CE/CME session is focused on developmentally informed interventions for young children with ASD and common barriers to diagnosis, led by faculty Ian Goldstein, MD, and Will Martin, MEd, BCBA.

Soar Autism Center

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