Early Start Denver Model at Soar

What is the Early Start Denver Model?

The Early Start Denver Model, or ESDM, is a comprehensive therapy program for children with autism. It focuses on young learners, typically those under the age of 5.

It was developed by Sally Rogers and Geraldine Dawson and was named a Top Medical Breakthrough by Time Magazine in 2012.

ESDM is a comprehensive approach to autism care that marries concepts of applied behavior analysis (ABA), developmental science, and relationship-based approaches.

How does ESDM help kids with autism?

The ESDM has been shown in high-quality research studies to improve language skills, cognition, social skills, adaptive skills, and behavior in children with autism.

Research studies on ESDM have also shown improvements in brain activity, such as changes on brain wave tests (EEG) when viewing faces and objects.

Simply put, early intervention with the ESDM can make a lifelong difference for children with autism.

What is the difference between ESDM and ABA?

ESDM and ABA are related. The simplest description is that ESDM is a blending of the principles of ABA along with developmental and relationship science.

We also have a blog post that goes into more detail on the differences in the different models. It has videos on the different models to see the differences in action.

How do I find a provider who is trained in the ESDM?

If receiving the ESDM is important for you and your child, ask a provider if they are trained or certified in the Early Start Denver Model.

Soar provides therapy services based on the principles of the ESDM. If you’re interested in this therapy option, reach out today at 720-706-3396.

Meet our Clinical Director Amanda

Amanda has been an autism clinician for the last 10 years working with a variety of children on the spectrum in home- and center-based programs.

She helps imbue the concepts of the Early Start Denver Model into our clinics.

If you’re interested in ESDM or naturalistic ABA services, reach out today at 720-706-3396 or click on the Get Started page to schedule a call with us.

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