Acting Early Makes a Difference

Get Answers With Comprehensive Testing

Do you have concerns or questions about how your young child is learning, growing, or developing?

Do you think your child might benefit from testing for autism or other developmental conditions?

Our psychologist, Dr. Abby Wischkaemper, PhD, BCBA, brings multiple years of experience in assessing, testing, and evaluating young children. Above all, Dr. Abby prioritizes understanding where families are in their journey and meeting them in that place with compassion.

If you are interested in an assessment, call Soar Autism Center at 720-706-3396 or visit the Get Started page.

To learn more about Dr. Abby and the rest of Soar’s clinical team, including our speech therapists, occupational therapists, and board-certified behavior analysts, click here.

Assess Your Child’s Autism Risk

Are you concerned that your child could have autism or would you like to assess your child’s risk for autism? Click here to take the M-CHAT-R, a screening tool for autism risk that is intended for toddlers 16-30 months of age.

The M-CHAT stands for the Modified Checklist of Autism in Toddlers. It consists of a series of 20 yes/no questions that a parent or caregiver answers about their child.

The M-CHAT-R is used on the Soar website with permission and copyrighted 2009 from Diana Robins, Deborah Fein, & Marianne Barton.

Autism Learning Center

Soar’s autism Learning Center has a wide variety of educational content, including free articles, videos, and other resources to help families learn about autism, understand therapy options, and connect to local support.

The Learning Center has a wealth of information about autism, including guiding principles to consider as you weigh therapy options, advice from other families, and help to sort through the different therapy options.

Click here to visit Soar’s autism Learning Center.

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