• ABA: Applied behavioral analysis. A form of behavior therapy for children with autism.
  • AAC: Augmentative and alternative communication. A form of communication used among people with autism (e.g., using a computer to help support speech).
  • ASD: Autism spectrum disorder. The official diagnostic name for autism, often used synonymously with autism.
  • BCBA: Board-certified behavior analyst. A master’s- or doctorate-level clinician who is trained in the principles of applied behavior analysis.
  • CCB: Community-Centered Board. A set of 20 boards in Colorado that implement the state’s Early Intervention program, as well as other community-related services. For instance, Denver’s CCB is called Rocky Mountain Human Services.
  • DSM or DSM-5: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th ed. The official diagnostic guide created by the American Psychiatric Association that is used to diagnose autism and other conditions.
  • DTT: Discrete trial training. The oldest and likely most common form of ABA, focused on repetitive trials to build new skills and behaviors.
  • ESDM: Early Start Denver Model. A naturalistic form of ABA that helps young children with autism.
  • GFCF: Gluten-free, casein-free diet. A diet practiced by some families of children with autism that eliminates gluten and casein. Limited scientific evidence supports its use, but some families report it’s helpful.
  • IFSP: Individual Family Services Plan. A plan created as part of the Early Intervention program that describes services a child will receive.
  • M-CHAT: Modified Checklist of Autism in Toddlers. A screening tool used to identify children who may be at risk for autism.
  • NDBI: Naturalistic developmental behavior intervention. A set of evidence-based techniques that incorporate principles of ABA, along with developmental science.
  • OT: Occupational therapist. A professional who offers evidence-based clinical therapy for children with autism.
  • PT: Physical therapist. A medical professional who offers body-focused treatment.
  • PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System. A type of system used by some people with autism to help them communicate through pictures.
  • RBT: Registered behavior technician. A frontline caregiver who works under a BCBA to carry out a care plan based on applied behavior analysis.
  • SLP: Speech-language pathologist. A professional who offers an evidence-based form of speech therapy.
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